Made in France for luxury lingerie

Guaranteed origin France label:

Origine France Garantie sous-vêtement de luxe By Radouane

The guaranteed France origin certification ensures consumers the traceability of a product by giving a clear and objective indication of origin.

To obtain this label, the manufactured product must respect the following two criteria:

  • The place where the product takes its essential characteristics is located in France
  • 50% and 100% of the unit cost price is acquired in France

Living heritage company

Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant l'excellence des savoir faire Français By Radouane sous-vêtement

Living Heritage Company is an official French label, issued under the authority of the Minister of Economy and Finance, in order to distinguish French companies with artisanal and industrial knowhow judged as excellent.


Les plus beaux sous-vêtements de luxe pour homme composés des plus belles matières, soie Lyonnaise, cristauw Swarovski, Nubuck

The manufacture of our luxury underwear By Radouane are made by one of the last French companies of luxury lingerie, having the label company of living heritage, we are proud to have it as a partner.

Our partner Lyonnaise silk also has this label, it shows us that rigor is a source of creativity, that modernity exalts tradition and that heritage builds the future. As a visionary, the first French silk weaving company relies on the high technicality of its employees, its culture and its heritage to stay ahead of industrial changes and remain unique in its field.

Our partner of buttons also has the label of excellence of the living heritage company.

This French label of excellence has been awarded to 4 of our partners

The luxury boxers By Radouane are composed of noble materials, rare, exclusively French and made entirely in France.


Boxer de luxe en soie Lyonnaise pour homme idéal pour le mariage


By Radouane printed silk boxers have been specially designed for the brand, original prints requiring hours of work, numerous fittings.

The choice of Made in France for By Radouane was obvious, it is the history of French luxury craftsmanship which has endured for centuries, which makes the whole world dream for its exceptional know-how.

Boxer de luxe pour homme en soie bandana rouge sur la boutique By Radouane

For By Radouane, the made in France is not just a slogan but a way of living the French luxury, the highlighting of the technicalities transmitted for generations, the know-how, the respect of the environmental conditions, of the working conditions, of the well being are an integral part of our DNA.

By Radouane has chosen to associate itself with the best actors of the French luxury industry, our partners are above all companies on a human scale and for the most part family businesses present in the luxury crafts sector for generations.

Boxer de luxe en Nubuck et soie Lyonnaise idéal pour le mariage sur la boutique By Radouane

By Radouane boxers are made of silk from Lyon, our silk partner is a family business, founded in 1929, where 5 generations have built their reputation on excellence, labeled "French Living Heritage Company", it has a hundred employees passionate.

For the By Radouane suede boxers, our leather partner founded in 1936 has been working with passion for more than 75 years in high-end leather supplying the most famous ready-to-wear houses in more than twenty-five countries.

Boxer de luxe en Daim et soie Lyonnaise made in France boutique By Radouane

For the buttons of the boxers By Radouane, we have as a partner a company that has been working for more than 50 years in the sector of the button Made in France, and which is naturally the reference for the luxury ready-to-wear brands.

By Radouane's luxury underwear is made by one of the last luxury lingerie manufacturers in France, its know-how makes it one of the first French companies in its field.

A family workshop that has a manual know-how of very high quality, the teams are passionate about their job and the promotion of French luxury.


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