Daring and very marked luxury materials, suede, Lyonnaise silk, Swarovski crystals

By Radouane breaks the codes of traditional lingerie for men, he does not hesitate to use ddaring and very marked luxury materials, suede, Lyonnaise silk, Swarovski crystals, embellished with chic buttons, to create a unique underwear brand.  

All our boxers are made in France with exclusively French materials.des sous-vêtements de luxe made in France

The silk 

Silk is a natural textile material called animal, silk comes from the cocoon that the caterpillar of the bombyx, the silkworm, makes.

Silk thread is a continuous thread, with an excellent solidity comparable to steel thread of the same section.

Rare, sumptuous, amazing by its technical qualities, silk has always charmed men and represents luxury and distinction.

The contact of the skin with silk is pleasant and healthy because silk does not cause allergies and is thermoregulatory, warm in winter and cooler in summer.

Of course, the prestige of silk predisposes it to the world of marriage and Haute-Couture.

It remains a rare textile, longer and more complicated to produce than many other textiles.

It is estimated that a silk article costs about 20 times more than its cotton equivalent.

It is said that a Chinese princess discovered silk in 2700 BC when she saw a bombyx cocoon fall into her cup of tea from a mulberry tree above her. A long thread would have unwound when she would have tried to recover the cocoon...

Chinese silk remained an infinitely precious and jealously guarded secret for nearly three millennia.

Thanks to this monopoly, China was able to trade with the rest of the world. The roads, crossing deserts and mountains to link Asia to Europe, were called the "Silk Road".

In France, silk production took off under Charles VIII who had mulberry trees from Sicily and Naples planted in the Montélimar region and encouraged the silk factories of Lyon and Tours by granting privileges.

Then Henri IV intensified the plantation of mulberry trees, providing farmers with free mulberry tree plans and seeds, as well as bombyx eggs..

Lyon became the Mecca of the silk industry under François 1er who gave Lyon the monopoly of importing silk into France.

Even if today silk thread comes mainly from China or Brazil, Lyon is doing well by attacking the luxury and Made in France markets.

We find Lyonnaise silk from Versailles at the White House ...

sous-vêtement de luxe pour homme en soie Lyonnaise et cristaux Swarovski

The Suede

The use of leather goes back to the origins of mankind, it was the first material used by men to clothe themselves..

But since ancient Egypt, leather has become a noble material for clothing, and this is still the case today, whether it is by the major ready-to-wear companies or by the greatest luxury designers.

Leather clothes or accessories are often the most beautiful, the most prized and the most expensive.

The super star of leather, Lamb, very soft and supple, is a fine skin with an almost silky appearance, widely used to make clothing and certain accessories.

Sous-vêtement de luxe pour homme en daim et soie Lyonnaise agrémenté de boutons chics made in France sur la boutique By Radouane.com


The composition of SWAROVSKI crystal makes it one of the purest in the world.

The magic of SWAROVSKI lies largely in the secret of its crystal.

This is known only to members of the SWAROVSKI family and the company's senior management, and the workers themselves only know the part of the manufacturing process to which they are assigned.

The secret lies both in the composition of the glass paste used and in the techniques of working and cutting the crystal. The lead content of SWAROVSKI is protected by a registered patent.

It is therefore thanks to its unique process and crystal work that SWAROVSKI has become a successful international company.

SWAROVSKI collaborates with the most prestigious Haute-Couture brands.

SWAROVSKI is first and foremost a family business, founded in 1895 by Daniel SWAROVSKI. His wish was to use crystal to create a diamond for everyone.

des sous-vêtements bijoux en soie Lyonnaise et cristaux Swarovski

Underwear addict as an Art

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