The brand and its founder



 "Tired of wearing underwear that all look the same and disappointed by the proposal that was made to me in terms of men's lingerie on my wedding day, I started to draw my first sketches.
In 2014 I decided to take up the challenge of creating my own luxury brand in order to give back all these letters of nobility to men's lingerie.
Sensitive to elegance, beautiful materials and refinement, I wanted to transmit all these ingredients to my boxers with the desire to associate my underwear with my clothes.
The path was long because nothing destined me to create my own collection of lingerie for men, not being heir to a family in the field of luxury and ready-to-wear.


After years of design, testing, adaptation, and sourcing from the best artisans, I presented the first collection All Eyez One Me By Radouane in January 2020.

The year 2020 was marked by my participation in the international lingerie trade show, where I had the pleasure of exhibiting my creations as well as representing the Made in France  
The first show of the All Eyez On Me, By Radouane collection at the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris.
As for many professionals, the year 2020 was also marked by an nprecedented global health crisis.
I decided during this difficult period to work again on a new collection, the main thread of my inspiration was the hope to get out of this crisis by the positive, that's why the new collection is entitled "Tomorrow never dies!".

The brand 

By Radouane offers modern, atypical, luxurious underwear.
The brand's DNA: revisiting everyday lingerie in real luxury underwear for men.
Reinterpret everyday underwear to make them real luxury underwear.
For too long the monopoly of luxury lingerie has been abandoned to women, leaving men only everyday underwear.
By Radouane's luxury boxers are made of noble and rare materials, exclusively French and entirely made in France. 
By Radouane combines luxury, seduction, elegance and well-being, unique underwear with their own stories.
By Radouane's luxury underwear is unlike any other, the cuts, proportions, combination of colors, different materials such as suede, silk Lyonnaise make it unique underwear.

By Radouane printed silk boxers have been specially designed for the brand, original prints requiring hours of work, numerous fittings.
The emphasis is placed on the nobility of our exclusively French luxury materials.

The choice of Made in France for By Radouane was an obvious one, it is the history of French luxury craftsmanship that has lasted for centuries, which makes the whole world dream for its exceptional know-how.
For By Radouane, Made in France is not just a slogan but a way of living luxury in the French way, highlighting the technicalities passed down from generation to generation, the know-how, the respect of environmental conditions, the working conditions, the well-being are an integral part of our DNA.

By Radouane has chosen to associate itself with the best actors of the French luxury industry, our partners are above all companies on a human scale and for the most part family businesses that have been present in the luxury crafts sector for generations.
By Radouane boxers are made of silk from Lyon, our silk partner is a family business, founded in 1929, where 5 generations have built their reputation on excellence, labeled "French Living Heritage Company", it has a hundred employees passionate.
For By Radouane suede boxers, our leather partner founded in 1936 has been working with passion for more than 75 years in high-end leather supplying the most famous ready-to-wear houses in more than twenty-five countries.


For the buttons of the boxers By Radouane, we have as a partner a company that has been working for more than 50 years in the sector of the button Made in France, and which is naturally the reference for the brands of luxury ready-to-wear
By Radouane's luxury underwear is made by one of the last luxury lingerie manufacturers in France, its know-how makes it one of the first French companies in its field.
A family workshop that has a manual know-how of very high quality, the teams are passionate about their job and the promotion of French luxury.
Living heritage company 
This French label of excellence has been awarded to 4 of our partners.
We are proud to collaborate with all these passionate partners where the human aspect and the wellbeing of their teams is put first.

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