Wedding underwear

The wedding, the fruit of an exceptional meeting, one of the the most beautiful days of your life, this unforgettable moment which sounds the top departure of a common life, where you will have to be with the height.
Where the expression "dressed like never before" takes on its full meaning, By Radouane accompanies you for this celebration
You want to dazzle, seduce and engrave the memory of your other half, don't wear a "lambda" boxer, assert your style, your charisma with a luxury underwear, unique, like this day, that you are about to live.
By wearing By Radouane boxer shorts on your big day,  J, you're in for a passionate and torrid wedding night.
By Radouane selects for you the best materials, the most beautiful silk from Lyon, nothing is inaccessible, nothing is too luxurious for your wedding !
Of course, the prestige, the sensuality of a magnificent silk from Lyon for your wedding will match perfectly with your suit, while bringing style, distinction and comfort.
Rare, sumptuous, sensual to the touch, silk has always charmed men and women and represents luxury and absolute distinction.
The contact of the skin with silk is pleasant and healthy, silk does not cause allergies and is thermoregulatory, warm in winter and cooler in summer, you will be safe!
The bride should not be the only one to want to seduce, surprise, you have your role to play
By Radouane wishes happiness and a long life to the newlyweds !

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