The Manimal

For this luxury boxer, who better than his majesty the leopard could inspire me! One of the most cunning and powerful animals in the wild world 🐆

The word wild is not a taboo but a characteristic of the By Radouane boxer shorts, it leaves no doubt as to your assumed intentions!

Let your WILD side speak

Boxer de luxe Manimal en soie Lyonnaise et boutons de manchette



Underwear is like the man who wears them, imposes your style, your uniqueness.

By Radouane luxury boxers are real arguments of seduction, women do not have the monopoly of luxury lingerie!

If you are a demanding man about your style of dress, do not underestimate the importance of underwear, which must be the centerpiece of your wardrobe.

The style is the man, impose it with your boxer By Radouane!

The Manimal le boxer de luxe en soie Lyonnaise et boutons de manchette modèle made in France



Comfortable to wear at any time of the year, Lyonnaise silk ensures softness like a second skin.

The Lyonnaise silk of this By Radouane luxury boxer is very light, of a rare softness, it keeps you warm in winter and brings freshness in summer.

Very resistant, this fiber absorbs moisture, silk is especially endowed with isothermal qualities which ensures freshness when worn in summer and insulation from winter cold.

The Manimal le boxer de luxe en soie lyonnaise et boutons de manchette



Silk provides a sensual texture while being functional.

Silk remains the most luxurious natural fiber that requires high quality manufacturing.

Rare, sumptuous, stunning in its technical qualities, silk has always charmed men and represents luxury and distinction.

boxer de luxe en soie Lyonnaise et boutons de manchette made in France

All our models are made in France and are made of the most luxurious French materials.


boutique By Radouane




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